Maker's Campaign S.03

What you'll learn and from whom ?

At DIYguru, we believe in “Let’s go do it” rather than “You go do it”

2 - Day Workshop Agenda


Career opportunities in Automotive Sector

Design & Analysis

Suspension and Steering

Roll Cage


Engine Mounting 


Design Validations


Project Plan

Wheels & Tyres

Vehicle Optimisation


Sponsorship &

Manufacturing your BAJA Buggy

Parts Procurement

Innovations and Design


Future of Automotive Sector

Doubts & Question Answer Session

Selection of Interns – 2019

Formula Student

What is FSAE?

Suspension and



Roll Cage

Wheels & Tyres

Vehicle Dynamics – I

Vehicle Dynamics – II


Design and Analysis Software


Project Planning and Team Management

Doubts & Question Answer Session

Sponsorship & Marketing

Design Methodology and Strategy

Innovations and Design

Future of Automotive Sector


Career opportunities in Automotive Sector

Doubts & Question Answer Session

Selection of Interns – 2019

Cyber Security

Introduction to Cyber Security

Dark Web

Web Security


Memory Corruption Attacks

Network Security

Operating System Security


Future of Cyber Security Sector


Career opportunities in Cyber Security Sector

Doubts & Question Answer Session

Selection of Interns – 2019

Electric Vehicle

Introduction of electric vehicles

About first revolution of electric vehicles and its

Future scope of electric vehicles

Brief description of EV from designing(before
market) to servicing(after market)

Types of motors used in EV
a. Brushless direct current motor and its principle
b. High power 3-phase induction motor and its
c. Permanent magnet direct current motor and its

Types of batteries used in EV

Chemical reactions of lithium ion battery

SOC and DOD of battery

Battery management system of lithium ion battery

How to select perfect battery of electric vehicle

Charging and discharging of batteries and

Battery calculations and its manufacturing process

Range calculations of electric vehicle

Power consumption rate of battery at different
dynamic conditions

Types of controllers and its working principle


Brief description of electric vehicle and its

Ergonomics and its role in automobiles(by
considering biomechanics, kinesiology and

Chassis and its types
a. Two wheeler chassis and its types
b. 4 wheeler chassis and its types

Transmission system of electric vehicle

How to select perfect or healthy transmission
system to any electric vehicle

How to select motor of electric vehicle and its
different powers(Momentary Power, Continuous
Power and Peak Power)

Selection of Interns – 2019


Avinash singh

Avinash Singh is an author, educator and entrepreneur. Founded Autosports, InternetGenx and DIYguru. He created the ATV knowledge network BAJA Tutor. 

A strong advocate of  DIY Education approach. 

Recipient of Young Scientist Achiever Award at Indian Science Congress 2011, Digital India Foundation Award from MyGov in 2017.

Avinash Singh

Nikhil Raj

Nikhil is a Mechanical Graduate with three years of Formula Student experience. Secured All India Rank Second in SUPRA 2015. He is currently working as Head of Engineering, DIYguru.

Creator of FSAE Tutor, an online knowledge sharing community for Formula Student Enthusiasts. He has published a handbook “Introduction to Race Car Suspension: For Formula SAE Enthusiasts”.

Organised First Mega ATV Championship (Bhubaneswar), a national ATV event, as On-Ground Technical Head.


Prashant Kumar Dey is an author, educator, and serial entrepreneur. He co-founded InternetGenX, Findmementor &Timoo. A strong advocate of digital safe India and easy access of education to all, and has published multiple research paper on Cybersecurity.

An alumini of EURECOM, France and IIT Delhi. Worked with brands like Google, BMW.

Recipient of Junior scientist award at National Children’s Science Congress 2007. He is also the life member of ISTAM, IIT Kharagpur.

Nishant Kar

A versatile individual with a truly diversified skill-set. He has worn many hats in his career till date as a marketer, event manager, product development consultant, business development manager, investor and corporate relationship manager. As a Formula Student alumni, co-founded FSAE Tutor.

A data driven, result oriented guy with strong knowledge regarding the financial world, is straight on the way to make a difference and put his mark on the world.

Karthik Raju

Karthik Raju is the Chief Technical Officer. He has a vast experience in Engineering & Research of Electric Vehicle. Previously, he was associated with Tesla EMS as the Director of Design & Development of EV’s.

Designed BLDC motors for electric bicycle,electric auto and electric bike. He worked on Optical Micro Sensor Design for DRDO. He has been a research assistant at IIT ROORKEE working on electric vehicle. Has extensive experience as Project head of electric scooter at RED SOLAR Company, Visakhapatnam. 

About Us

Maker’s Campaign is an endeavour by DIYguru to promote maker’s culture in India with the sole aim to skill students and professionals for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

We are #1 DIY Learning Platform providing Maker’s Online Courses in the field of Automobile, Aerospace, Drones & Robotics. We aim to empower the next generation of makers education by providing DIY skill based training and mentoring.

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