Here’s How Two Organisations Are Helping 20,000 Farmers In Drought-Ravaged Tamil Nadu


August 30, 2017 0

With India being the heart-disease capital of the world, this innovative, credit-card-sized ECG monitor has the potential to touch millions of hearts. Nearly 30 million Indians suffer from heart ailments, with many patients lacking adequate access healthcare. The prohibitive cost of proper diagnosis and treatment is another major hurdle. Fortunately, thanks to Sanket, a pocket ECG monitor, even […]


August 30, 2017 0

One of the many considerations we will have should we decide at last to colonize another planet is where we’ll live. Should we bring inflatable habitats? Should we ship girders and metal sheets? Or should we, as explored in a recent NASA challenge, 3D-print the structures right there on the planet in question? Two universities’ […]


August 29, 2017 0

Another major automaker is setting up a dedicated joint venture to build EVs for the growing demand in China, joining Ford and Volkswagen: This time, it’s Nissan-Renault, which will work with China’s Dongfeng Motor, an automaker it partnered with last year to open its first factory in China. Automakers from outside China basically need a […]


August 29, 2017 0

As the final bolt locked the circular metal door into place at the end of the nearly mile-long steel tube, the two dozen members of the WARR Hyperloop team, from the Technical University of Munich, jostled to find shade under a canopy. The students spent the next 20 minutes waiting anxiously as pumps sucked nearly […]


August 27, 2017 0

Every year, for the past 26 years, something truly remarkable happens: an entire city appears out of the desert. I’m speaking, of course, of Black Rock City, in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert, erected for the quasi-ritualistic celebration of art, radical inclusion, and free-to-be-you-and-me-ness known as Burning Man. Burners will come home raving about barter system […]


August 26, 2017 0

The Trabant trembles. Its puny engine is running at idle, enough to visibly shake the small, boxy, creamy white car, made mostly of cotton waste. Its owner, a tall American guy, stands proudly by his car, encouraging an even taller man to climb inside and see the unexpected roominess of the East German car, made […]

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