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Automotive Design Workshop by Boris Fabris in India

September 7, 20170DIY

Automotive Design Workshop by Boris Fabris in India

September 7, 2017 0

The Famous Automotive Designer Boris Fabris will be in India from 30th Oct. to 4th Nov. 2017. The automotive designer from Italy is going to take workshops for automotive enthusiasts, which you should not miss.

About Boris Fabris :

Automotive Designer and Consultant with work experience for Fioravanti srl, Italdesign Giugiaro, Qoros Auto, Haima Auto and BAIC Motor. Teacher and Lecturer in USA, Czech Republic, India, Finland, Portugal, Holland, Spain and Italy



6 days from Monday to Saturday – 7 hours for each day

Numbers of participants:

Max 25 students

Profiles of participants

Passion for automotive design world and some drawing skills




The course starts with the theme of automotive design with a different approach from usual approach followed by Lessons and explanations on the development of a project for a new car from the idea to the sketch and from the sketch to the real car that will be produced in series.

Because the work of the car designer is not only to illustrate a good idea: we are creating an object present in our cities and in the landscape that surrounds us. Therefore, our job is not only to present the designs but also to think an object that is also usable and definitely beautiful and desirable.

Mr. Boris further explains that “When I work on a new project I think a new car that I would have, that I would use, that I like too much, that every day when I look it I think “I like my car”. But not just like, I would be happy also if my project could be comfortable and more functional. Most important thing is to understand the fundamental importance of style linked to the function and the function linked to the style. I think this thing is fundamental to understand for the Students.”

It’s also important to know the history of the brand for which you work to get to the stylistic features of the house to design new cars: I will take with me some volumes on car design in general and on some prestigious names that have signed some of the finest cars in the history of the car design. I’ll show you how to make a plan of form manually and I believe it is very important because although today using 3D programs have the knowledge of the sections, profiles, theorists is crucial for the perception of the object as a whole. You should also try to draw a plan shaped sections using x, y, and z.

He can show you step by step how to do a car or a concept car, the research of style to the presentation of the proposals chosen to market, from the development of the model in clay up to the freezing of the clay model.

All without forgetting that we have to think about tomorrow, our freedom is that we think of what does not yet exist, we have total freedom and great skill is to make car original, beautiful, functional, which respects the many laws that regulate the realization a new model.

Clearly that then for economic reasons, for reasons of realization, or for many other reasons, our idea will change but if we can keep the same concept and the same feeling that we have our first sketch to the car produced we will be done very well our job. We should not follow trends because if we follow the contemporary trends always we will arrive after someone else who will look more away from us.


Theoretical lessons:

– Style and function

– From the idea to the model

– Brand stylistic features of European, Japanese and USA Brands

– The Masters of Automotive Design

(Mr. Boris Fabris will prepare some interesting PDF files about the automotive design world that he will show to the students)

Practical lessons:

– Individual Work

(Sketches concepts free theme and sketches concepts with my briefing)

– Manual technical drawings

(Plan of shape and orthogonal views starting from real automotive package)

– Team Work

(Research and sketches concepts with my briefing)

Mr. Boris Fabris explains that mind thinks that is fundamental the “brain work”: is very important to use the time to create a new concept or a new project and after that, you can use the time to realize an amazing illustration by Photoshop or beautiful model with Alias or Rhino.

Learning objectives:

Upon completion of the workshop, the participants will know all steps how to develop an automotive design project.

Materials for practical lessons:

The tools and the materials that we will need are pens, pencils, markers, erasers, and sheets of papers (with paper A3 format). My idea is not to make normal lessons but I prefer that the future designers will use the mind, the eyes and the hands (of course if the participants want more can bring what they prefer to draw). If I can have the computer can be ok to teach some basics commands of Photoshop and in this case also all the participants need to have a computer (they can bring their own pc).

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