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    Travis Kalanick’s Great Defender Writes a Hell of a Motivational Letter

    “Perfidious greed…” “Fervent passion…” “The indelible, eternal and permanent ink of righteousness…” This is what it’s come to for Uber in 2017 as scandals pile up alongside federal investigations. Earlier this month, things got especially nasty: Benchmark, an early investor in Uber with a spot on its board, sued founder and ousted CEO Travis Kalanick […]

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    5 Amazing Indian DIYguru’s Who Inspired Us This Week

    “Act or accept.” This quote seems most apt today, when India is struggling with varying issues that we need to fight against. While many of us resign ourselves to the “accept” option, to others, acting is the only way to find a solution. These are the people who aren’t afraid to jump hurdles, break stereotypes […]

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    MINI’s Electric Concept still looks like a MINI, but also screams ‘EV’

    [embedded content] The MINI Electric Concept is coming to the Frankfurt Motor Show, and its debut appearance will showcase the design changes that MINI has made to signal that this is indeed the first large-scale production fully electric MINI vehicle. MINI has offered electrified versions of its existing cars, but the Electric Concept is designed […]

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    Ford and Domino’s Use Self-Driving Cars to Deliver Pizza in Ann Arbor

    Perhaps the greatest part of the guilty pleasure of ordering a pizza is having your food brought right to your door. No need to get out of your pajamas or brave the elements, just a moment of awkward conversation and, at worst, a last-minute search for cash. Now, you might even get out of that, […]

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    Anyone, Anywhere Can Now Get An ECG Report In 15 Seconds

    With India being the heart-disease capital of the world, this innovative, credit-card-sized ECG monitor has the potential to touch millions of hearts. Nearly 30 million Indians suffer from heart ailments, with many patients lacking adequate access healthcare. The prohibitive cost of proper diagnosis and treatment is another major hurdle. Fortunately, thanks to Sanket, a pocket ECG monitor, even […]

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    NASA’s 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge winner earns 2.5Cr in prize

    One of the many considerations we will have should we decide at last to colonize another planet is where we’ll live. Should we bring inflatable habitats? Should we ship girders and metal sheets? Or should we, as explored in a recent NASA challenge, 3D-print the structures right there on the planet in question? Two universities’ […]