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    ELECTRIC VEHICLE SUMMIT – Green Mobility Vision 2030


    Electric Vehicle Summit is a national forum for electric vehicle manufactures, visionary automotive leaders as well as policy makers, innovators, researchers and strategists from India and around the world to bridge their collective strengths and exchange their information, innovation and knowledge. Organised by PHD Chamber of Commerce, supported by NITI Aayog and Ministry of Heavy […]

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    Future of Electric Vehicles in India

    Electric vehicles (EVs) are growing in popularity and certainly in mind space. They are cleaner and more efficient, and even fun (think Tesla). Their growth, however, is still considered just a market problem: The end user should choose on the basis of what it costs to buy and run, or how it performs, etc. Markets […]

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    Maker’s Asylum S.T.E.A.M. School | Season 2

    We are surrounded by multitalented personalities who always want to do more. It can be somebody with a great product in mind, or a game, or a musical instrument or any innovative solution to the challenges faced by us. S.T.E.A.M School has been put together to bring makers from everywhere, together on a platform. It adds […]

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    Project Aerodrive | The Autonomous Celerio

    Autonomous cars are not science fiction anymore. Leading automobile giants, as well as tech giants, have joined the revolutionary race to build an autonomous car. There’s no doubt that autonomous cars have captured our imagination. The allure of sitting back, relaxing your car effortlessly whisks you around is undoubtedly tempting. But are they a possibility for India’s […]

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    Mahindra announces to roll out two new Electric Vehicles

      India, the world’s fifth-largest automobile market, plans to sell only electric vehicle  by 2030 in a bid to slash its oil bill by $60 billion and emissions by 37%. Automotive giants TATA and Mahindra are in the front-line of this ambitious project. Mahindra & Mahindra’s ventured into the electric vehicle space almost half a decade ago, by acquiring […]

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    Ford Turns to Students for the Future of Truck Design

    If you’re an aspiring vehicle designer, forget supercars. Figure out trucks. That’s where the big money is. Ford’s F-series pickups are the best-selling vehicles in the US, followed by Chevy Silverados, and Dodge Rams. (The first car on the list is the Toyota Camry, in fourth place.) This is no new trend. Ford’s F-150 has […]

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    Udacity Launches an Online Course for Flying Car Engineers

    In the past year, flying cars have gone from LOL, to maybe a real thing, to a booming industry raking in VC cash and churning out sweet renderings of an aerial future. The chance to trigger the next great transportation revolution has drawn in big companies, like Airbus and Uber, big names, like Google’s Larry […]

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    How to build a hyperloop model for school exhibition! – DIYguru Makers

    The Hyperloop is getting closer and closer to becoming reality, but if it is still not coming fast enough for you Dianna Cowern (aka Physics Girl) has a decent placeholder for you. It can’t carry passengers, just batteries with magnets attached; it isn’t sealed off in a near-vacuum; and its max speed looks to be about 7 to 8 mph, but hey, […]

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    TESLA HAS A new competitor, and it’s not from BMW or General Motors. It’s from Australian university students, whose electric Sunswift eVe set a new world record for fastest average speed—more than 60mph—over 500 kilometers (310 miles) on a single battery charge, on July 23. That’s a big deal: Range is the biggest issue holding back […]